18 Critical Topics

'Kids n Money' is based around 18 topics that have been identified as THE critical key topics all kids must know about if they are going to succeed with money.

Each topic is a chapter in the book 'Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future', written by Spending Planners Institute founder, David Wright.

The 18 Chapters are:

1. Money Security

2. Protecting Yourself FROM Yourself

3. Organising the Flow of Money

4. The 6 Types of Expenses

5. Habits - Spending Less Than You Earn

6. Consumerism

7. Borrowing Money, Credit Cards and Loans

8. Budgeting

9. Relationships and Money

10. Managing Risk/Insurance

11. Cars and Car Loans

12. Superannuation

13. Income Tax

14. Employment

15. Property/Real Estate/Home Ownership

16. Shares/Stocks Market

17. Business

18. Death and Wills

If you take the time to teach your kids what they need to know in relation to each of these topics, they will be in a great position to live a very successful life without money stress, and will be so far ahead of their peers it will not be funny!

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