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The Spending Planners Institute is committed to helping parents to prepare their kids for a more successful financial life than previous generations. Kids-n-Money resources are designed to cover 18 critical topics that all kids should know about by the time they reach adulthood. 

Currently the following resources are available to parents:

1. Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future (eBook) - CLICK HERE to purchase.

This is the only Kids-n-Money resource that is not entirely free - Value $19.95 - Introductory 'bargain' price - $9.95

'Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future' gives parents a comprehensive guide to teaching kids a basic foundation in financial literacy. No previous resource relating to teaching kids about money has ever been presented in such a parent-friendly format before.

It's a very low cost/high value resource that will assist any parent who wants to do the best they can to prepare their kids for life with money.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

2. How to Teach Your Kids the 18 Critical Money Topics (Coming Soon) - (Ideas Vault. Online access to a growing compilation of ideas you can use for teaching your kids the 18 Critical Money Topics. This will be a free companion resource that complements the book Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future.

3. 'Kids-n-Money' Facebook Group. Members share their ideas and experiences relating to teaching kids the 18 money topics. CLICK HERE - (This is a great place to find out what other parents are doing and how well it's working. You can ask questions and share your successes and failures).

4. Online Forums & Webinars. Online Zoom sessions where parents can discuss their ideas and results in teaching their kids the 18 Kids-n-Money topics (open to any interested parents). CLICK HERE

5. 'Kids-n-Money' Hints and Tips published on the 'Kids-n-Money' Blog (see menu above).

Note:  Kids-n-Money is a work in progress and our resources are continually under development. Check this page from time to time for updates and additional resources.

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