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Learn, Teach, Share and be part of a caring and focussed community with the goal of changing the world one child and one family at a time. The Spending Planners Institute is committed to helping parents break the cycle of money stress caused by a limited financial knowledge that repeatedly passes from one generation to the next. Kids-n-Money Online Forums and Webinars helps us to break that cycle.

Online Forums & Webinars give parents the opportunity to learn, share and discuss their ideas and outcomes in teaching their kids about money, in the comfort of their own home.

Based on the 18 kids-n-Money topics, Online Forums are hosted by an Institute member or one of the trained and certified Spending Planners, who initiate and direct discussion around each of these topics.

Webinars are another similar online event offered by the Institute where a speaker will present information on a particular topic, and then may open up the floor for comments and questions, so nobody leaves with an unanswered question, and everyone benefits.

The Online Forums and Webinars offered by the Institute are open to anyone who is interested in learning personally and then teaching their kids about money. They are often either free or offered at a very low price. They are made available as a community service because at the Institute we simply have a passion for helping Families to go from Money Stress to Money Success, and education is the key to that outcome.

Changing Expectations

Too many people just accept whatever life throws at them, adjusting and adapting their life to fit in with the current conditions. We can just accept that the current money situation is not good, and put up with the pressure and stress, or we can do something to change things permanently for the better. Through our Online Forums and Webinars, we at the Institute are making a difference by empowering parents and kids to manage their finances better both now, and in the future.

You are invited to join us.

Upcoming Forums and Webinars

1. Introducing Kids-n-Money - (Webinar) - Thursday 21st of July 2022 - 12Noon (EST) or 7:30pm (EST) CLICK HERE to register. You will receive details for both sessions via email.

2. Money Security and Kids - (Online Forum) - Details available soon

3.  Money Flow - (Online Forum) - Date TBA

4. The Six Types of Expenses (Online Forum) - Date TBA

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