Kids-n-Money - How To Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future

Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future (eBook)

This eBook, by David Wright (Founder of the Spending Planners Institute), was written in response to the almost unanimous complaint from hundreds of David's seminar attendees, that they were never taught enough about money as kids when they were growing up.

David has been a money educator since the mid 1990's. His focus has always been teaching household financial management (the kind of information that 'Mums and Dads' benefit from the most), so David was perfectly placed to write THE manual for teaching kids what they need to know about money when starting out on life's journey as an adult.

In this book David has identified 18 critical topics that all kids should know about before leaving home.

1. Money Security
2. Protecting Yourself FROM Yourself
3. Organising the Flow of Money
4. The 6 Types of Expense
5. Habits - Spending Less Than You Earn
6. Consumerism
7. Borrowing Money, Credit Cards and Loans
8. Budgeting
9. Relationships and Money 

10. Managing Risk/Insurance
11. Cars and Car Loans
12. Superannuation
13. Income Tax
14. Employment
15. Property/Real Estate/Home Ownership
16. Shares/Stocks Market
17. Business
18. Death and Wills

Each Chapter describes the reason it's topic is important, presents the information relating to the topic, and finishes with a list of the things your kids should know relating to that chapter's topic by the time they reach adulthood.

It's a great resource for parents.

Even if you were the most money-savvy parent who knew way more than most people about financial matters, and you decided to sit down and make a list of everything you should teach your kids about money as they are growing up, the time it would take you to do that simply would NOT make sense given that the job has already been done for you in this book, and it's available at such a low price.

Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future (eBook)

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