How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future

Finances will impact every aspect of their life, so it’s vitally important that as a parent you do everything you possibly can to help your kids prepare for life with money. 

One of the most important things you can do for your kids is to teach them about money. Most of us know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but NOT having money, or not knowing how to control it, certainly leads to misery and hardship.

Apr 19, 2022

Just about everybody has received a hoax phone call, email or text message at some time. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve had one in the last week, maybe even in the last few days! The danger of being ripped-off is just about everywhere in today’s high tech world.

Mar 24, 2022

Talking about Personality Types and Love Languages with your kids will help them to see their own uniqueness as human beings. This makes them special and vulnerable at the same time. Making intelligent financial choices is much easier when you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Apr 21, 2022

We are just launching Kids-n-Money right now. As part of the launch I am offering a free webinar for any parents who are interested in getting a first-hand look at what kids-n-Money is all about. You do not want your kids to suffer financially every time the world has a financial episode like we’re having right now, and I know you don’t want to suffer either. Why not book a seat at that webinar while they are still available and find out how you and your kids can benefit from what Kids-n-Money has to offer?

Mar 24, 2022

Teaching kids about money is more important now than ever before. We do not want our kids suffering from financial hardship caused by our negligence, or even more likely, from our lack of knowledge and out inability to pass on what we don’t really know or understand. So, I’m hosting a webinar where I’ll be showing how the Institute is tackling the problem of kids not learning about money from parents who don’t really know enough about money to teach it well enough anyway.

Mar 24, 2022

'Kids-n-Money' makes it easier to put kids on the 'financial front foot' and have them better prepared for the money challenges that lie ahead.

-- David Wright --

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