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How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future

I’m sure you already know that Grocery prices are going up, Interest Rates are going up, Accommodation and House prices have gone up, Fuel prices have skyrocketed.

It would be easy to get very frustrated, and maybe even a little angry about all this right now.

Will it ever get better? You can be sure it will, but that doesn’t make the current situation any easier!

If you step back and take a much longer-term view, looking backwards it’s easy to see other periods in the last 50 years when times were tough. Some people came out the other side in much better shape than others. Some people lost everything, and yet at the same time, others gained.

What made the difference? Some of it came down to luck, but a lot of it was to do with people’s financial knowledge and their money management skills.

Looking forwards, right now, if you had already taken the time to learn some money skills, you are probably doing better than many others despite the spiralling costs, but if you haven’t taken the time before now to become more money wise, then you may be struggling more than you could have.

In 2015 I started the Spending Planners Institute to train a team of Money Coaches who can mentor and coach people through the process of becoming more financially resilient. Helping people to create and follow a Spending Plan has made a huge difference in their lives since then, and they are definitely feeling less pain right now than they otherwise would have.

OK, that’s great and I recommend everyone checks out the website to find out how to start their own spending plan, but right now I have something new to announce!

This year, through the Institute, I have started something new and exciting that adds to the work we’re already doing to help people take control of their finances.

For way too long, each generation has had to learn about money the hard way.

Kids-n-Money is a new initiative from the Institute that is like a double-edged sword. As the name implies it’s about kids and money, BUT there is more to it than that.

I’ve written a guide for parents giving them a comprehensive list of the things they need to teach their kids about money before they leave home. BUT many parents know they don’t know all they should or could know about money, so how are they going to teach their kids?

That’s where Kids-n-Money is so unique.

Every teacher knows that you learn the fastest when you teach.

So, Kids-n-Money offers two benefits. The Kids learn what they need to know to break the cycle of every generation having to learn the hard way, and the parents learn as they teach the kids.

It’s a Win-Win!

Imagine the benefits for you right now, and for your kids in the future, if you knew more about money and how to be in control of it, rather than it being in control of you!

We are just launching Kids-n-Money right now. As part of the launch I am offering a free webinar for any parents who are interested in getting a first-hand look at what kids-n-Money is all about - CLICK HERE for more details.

You do not want your kids to suffer financially every time the world has a financial episode like we’re having right now, and I know you don’t want to suffer either.

Why not book a seat at that webinar while they are still available and find out how you and your kids can benefit from what Kids-n-Money has to offer? CLICK HERE to book your spot!

It’s a free webinar; I want to make this available to every parent who wants to do something right now to change their future and the future of their kids, for the better.

All of the information is here - 

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