Why Your Kids Need to Know Themselves

How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future

In this blogpost I want to share with you something you probably already know, but maybe never thought much about, which is why I want to bring it to your attention.

I was in my mid 40’s before I found out that everybody is different. Don’t laugh just yet! I need to explain that a little bit! I always thought people everywhere had to deal with life in much the same way as me. I figured the process of how I would think about life, how I would work things out, and how I would deal with problems, relationships and other people was pretty much the same process for everyone else as well.

I guess I also thought that people were different because they chose to respond differently to different circumstances.

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BUT, in the space of a couple of years I was exposed to: Wealth Profiles, Personality Profiles, and Love languages, which totally changed my thinking about other people and what made them tick. It was a revelation to me to realise that my strengths were other people’s weaknesses and vice versa. It was also so obvious to me once I read about Love Languages that the people close to me responded differently to touch, words of praise, kind deeds and spending time together, and I came to understand why some people would always come bearing gifts or offering to help me out.

Once I started to learn about this stuff I could pretty quickly identify people’s love languages, and I began to understand how they would respond to different circumstances, and often that was different than I would respond. Now I knew why. I learned from reading about personality profiles that some people found it easier to deal with complex situations than others. Some were the life of the party and could get people energised in an instant, but they couldn’t organise a bun fight in a bakery. Others were ready to jump into action but they wouldn’t put enough planning into what lay ahead so they often ended up making a mess, while others would need to analyse everything before they could take one step forward on anything. They would frustrate the people who just wanted to go go go! I remember thinking “If only I had known about this stuff when I was growing up”.

To know what you are naturally suited to would make choosing a career and dealing with other people SO much easier. When it came to dating and choosing a life partner it would have been so much easier had I understood myself and the girls I dated a lot better. Finding out that I was definitely NOT a Deal Maker or a Trader, but that I fitted much better into the creator profile explained why I was always getting bright ideas, but after starting work on making the ideas become reality, I would easily distracted by new ideas and then all of a sudden turning the last good idea into a reality became boring and the new great idea got my attention instead. Finishing something off was a hard thing to do. I understood why my brain was always going 99 to the dozen and why I found it almost impossible to remember my wife’s meal order between when I started walking to the cash register at the local club and when I got there. Way too much going on in my head!

Every organisation needs people with different profiles and love languages to make sure all the different roles and tasks can be carried out by people who are suited to them. Now, this might be a revelation for you too. It certainly was for me! Now I find it fascinating and something that interests me greatly. As a parent you need to be teaching your kids about this and helping them to work out what their different profiles say about who they are and what career paths would be a natural fit for them. This will help them immensely.

Of course if YOU don’t know this stuff, how can you teach it? What I’ve been talking about here comes straight from a book I’ve written titled ‘Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future’.  This particular topic comes from the chapter is titled, ‘Protecting Yourself FROM Yourself’ which is one of a total of 18 topics I cover. ‘Protecting Yourself FROM Yourself’ goes way deeper than the title suggests. It’s not JUST about protecting yourself, it’s also about identifying your strengths so you can work to them, and what’s really important is this: As a parent, if you realise YOU don’t know this stuff, that is a massive step forwards for you too. How much will it help YOU to not only know and understand your strengths and weaknesses, but to understand other people’s as well? How much will it help your kids when you pass this on to them?

As parents you need to be teaching your kids about all 18 topics Kids-n-Money covers. To help you get started I’ve selected three topics from the book and made them available to you for free.  In fact, most of the Kids-n-Money resources are free. So, here’s what I would do if I was you. Go to Kids-n-Money dot com, that’s kids hyphen the letter n another hyphen, followed by money dot com, and get access to the first three topics I’ve made available. Fill in the form and I’ll send these to you in instalments so you have time to read each one before you get the next one.

You are going to start hearing a lot more about the topic of teaching kids about money. Some people think it’s a job for schools; let schools teach the next generation about money. That sounds like a good idea BUT, what about you? What about the current generation? I personally feel the best thing we can do is to give parents who are raising kids right now, who are probably under money pressure because they missed out on being taught what they need to know about these 18 topics, and support them in teaching their kids so they learn it as they teach it. If you want to make sure your kids get the best start to their financial life they can get, Kids-n-Money is all about supporting you to teach them so you learn what you need to know in the process.

Go to Kids-n-Money dot com and start accessing the information that will make that happen for you and your kids.

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