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In a world that is getting faster and more complicated by the day, it has become more difficult to succeed with money than ever before. As a result, it has never been more important for parents to do as much as they can to boost their kids' financial literacy and to teach them how to take control of their money.


'Kids-n-Money' is an initiative of the Spending Planners Institute.
The Institute's mission is to help families to 'Turn Money Stress into Money Success'. 

Since the early 2000's, Institute founder David Wright has hosted hundreds of financial education workshops around Australia, and the one thing that people continually bring up is the lack of financial education they received when they were growing up as kids. 

So, it was decided that enough is enough, it's time to do something about this problem!

'Kids-n-Money' has been designed to give parents the resources and ability to teach their kids about money regardless of how much they might or might not know about it. One of the greatest benefits for parents who use the Kids-n-Money resources to teach their kids about money is that they are likely to become much better at managing money themselves as a result.

It's a Win-Win situation.

Quick History

After setting up the Spending Planners Institute as a training and support body for Spending Planners, David Wright realised that many of the people the Spending Planners were working with had never been formally taught anything about money before engaging the services of a Spending Planner.

This led him to taking time out to document everything 'financial' that a child should know about before reaching adulthood, so Spending Planners could be even more help to Mum's and Dad's by showing them how to set up the family's Spending Plan, and to also start preparing their kids for a successful life with money as well.


Below are some comments from people who have used the system David created that is now taught by all of the Certified Spending Planners trained by the institute.

 - Kyra Potts -

We Have Left Behind Us the Debt and Stress

I would like to say a big thank you to you personally as your program has been a total life changing experience for us. We have left behind us the debt and stress.

 - Mary Sweet -

Your Program is the Only Thing That Worked For Me

8 months ago I owed $4,200 on credit cards. I was at least one month behind on the Telstra bill and we never ever paid our rates on time. After adopting your program, we have paid off our credit cards. We have just paid off the rates in full before the due date. Your program is the only thing that worked for me.

 - Annette Wisnewski -

No More Late Fees or Interest Charges

2 years ago I had a personal loan of $7,500 I was struggling to pay. I was 2 months behind in my rates and credit card payments.

Then I discovered your program so no more late fees or interest charges on the credit card cause it's one day late. Keep up the good work.

 -Conrad Scott -

Two Weeks and Already I am Financially Better Off

I am very happy with the program. I am finally able to see my financial future and make appropriate plans. I have only been using it for two weeks and already I am financially better off (approx. $500). Being able to set goals and watch them become a reality is fantastic..

 - Keely -

Thank You For Saving Our Finances and Relationship

Thanks so much for the (spending planner) software, I've finally taught my partner how important it is to look forward in our budget! When he saw that unless we stopped spending so freely now we'd be in hundreds of dollars of debt by Christmas his jaw dropped to the floor! It was the only way I could get him to realise how important it is to budget and put money away for emergencies (which I've done my whole wage earning life, and have been trying to convince him for years!). So thank you for saving our finances and relationship!!! Thanks once again!

 - Jennie - Adelaide SA -

THANK YOU for your help ... Dream Holiday ... The Time of Our Lives

I would like to THANK YOU in the biggest way for your help. I am single mother of three with very little financial assistance other than working very hard in my own business. Through your program I have learnt how to manage my money better and have  managed to save enough in the last 12 months to take my kids on a dream holiday. All 4 of us spent four weeks holidaying in Queensland and NSW ( Including the Gold Coast Theme parks) having the time of our lives. After a tense year it was what we needed to take time out as a happy family and renew our faith that 'hard work pays off'. And it does indeed!..  Thanks again

The Spending Planners Institute believes educating kids about money is so important it has produced a number of resources based around the Book 'Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future'.

Parents can use these resources to guide them in teaching their kids about money.


Here is an opportunity to sample the book.... get three chapters for free - "Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future"

Kids-n-Money will help you teach your kids to take control of their finances, avoid a life of money stress, and start them off on their adult lives with healthy money habits.

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