Do You Ever Worry About Your Kids'
Financial Future?

The cost of living is skyrocketing. It's getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

More and more people are under significant money stress!

As a parent you may well be wondering how your kids will avoid crippling debt, save for the future, own their own home AND cover the costs of raising your grandkids (even if that is still a long way off)?

What can you do to set your kids up for money success in the tough world they will eventually find themselves living in?

Kids-n-Money gives parents the resources they need to start teaching their kids about money before it's too late: CLICK HERE

We would all love it if money was easy, but for many it is a source of ongoing stress. For far too long, people have been under-educated when it comes to money, which feeds directly into this problem.

Currently, the average Australian at retirement age has less than $200,000 in savings and investments!

That is not going to last long!

It certainly leaves no room for 'living it up' at a time when they should be kicking back and enjoying life!

I'm sure you want better than that for yourself, and for your kids, and not just at retirement age. Living well at every stage of life is something we all want!

Time For Change

With all of these concerns in mind, the Spending Planners Institute has created 'Kids-n-Money', to help parents give their kids a great start to their financial life.

'Kids-n-Money' makes it easier to put kids on the 'financial front foot' and have them better prepared for the money challenges that lie ahead.

Finances will impact every aspect of their life, so it’s vitally important that as a parent you do everything you possibly can to help your kids prepare for life with money.

And let's face it, you don't want to be called upon repeatedly over the years ahead to rescue your kids from financial trouble. You have your own financial responsibilities to tend to, so you definitely want them to become financially successful and independent as quickly as possible.

Obviously, if you teach them what they need to know about money when they are in your care, they will be much more likely to succeed financially, where they might otherwise have failed without that guidance.

As a parent you can do a lot to ensure the financial success of your kids, and there's nothing more rewarding than knowing you gave them the best possible start to life, and then seeing them successfully building on the foundations you laid, as they go their own way.

David Wright, is the founder of the Spending Planners Institute.
Since 2015, the Institute has been training Certified Spending Planners, whose goal is to provide tools, education and systems to families who are keen to take control of their day to day finances (something all the other finance professions have overlooked or ignored).

'Kids-n-Money' is a new initiative from the Spending Planners Institute and Mr Wright says it is very exciting to think that parents will now have resources available to assist them in preparing their kids for life with money.

18 Critical Topics

'Kids-n-Money' is based around 18 topics that have been identified as THE critical key topics all kids must know about if they are going to succeed with money.

Each topic is a chapter in the book 'Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future', written by Spending Planners Institute founder, David Wright.

The 18 Chapters are:

1. Money Security

2. Protecting Yourself FROM Yourself

3. Organising the Flow of Money

4. The 6 Types of Expense

5. Habits - Spending Less Than You Earn

6. Consumerism

7. Borrowing Money, Credit Cards and Loans

8. Budgeting

9. Relationships and Money

10. Managing Risk/Insurance

11. Cars and Car Loans

12. Superannuation

13. Income Tax

14. Employment

15. Property/Real Estate/Home Ownership

16. Shares/Stocks Market

17. Business

18. Death and Wills

It would have been great if we adults had known more about each of these topics when we were starting out on our adult life journey, but it simply wasn't something that was seen as a priority. Educators were focussed on other things, and it was assumed that everyone would be able to find their own ways to manage money.

We can't turn back the clock to undo the past, but we can do something about the future.

Not Just For Kids

The Kids-n-Money resources created by the Institute provides an opportunity to make sure the next generation does not suffer from a lack of financial education, and at the same time it has the potential to provide huge positive benefits for today's parents.

All teachers know that you learn the fastest when you teach something, so by giving parents the information and the tools required to teach their kids about money, the Spending Planners Institute believes this will go a long way to giving today's parents the solid basic financial education they may have missed out on as kids when they teach their own kids.

It's a win-win situation.

So, to all parents who know they want to do something positive about improving their own financial situation, and at the same time, teach their kids what they need to know about money, 'Kids-n-Money' is for you.

A Better Financial Future

'Kids-n-Money' should be the catalyst for a much brighter financial future for you and your kids, both now and in the future.

Whether it's a better car, a better home, your children's formal education, a great family holiday, bills paid on time with no stress, all of the above, or something else that's important to you, taking the time to teach your kids what they need to know about money, and use that as an opportunity to benefit yourself as well.

'Kids-n-Money' is a great opportunity at the prefect time.

The eBook 'Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future' is at the heart of 'Kids-n- Money' and is currently available for a small fee through this website or any of the Certified Spending Planners trained by the Institute.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

A Great Start to Life

Your kids will most likely not be aware of just how much they will benefit from your taking the time to teach them what they need to know about money!  It's likely they will never know what living without that knowledge would be like! BUT, they will have benefited greatly, and you will have given them a great start to a great life.

Please share this webpage with anyone you know who has kids, young or old.

Why Kids-n-Money?

'Kids-n-Money' has been developed by the Institute with two clear goals in mind; to help parents give their kids a better financial future and for parents to become better educated around money!

To find out more about the book 'Kids-n-Money - How to Give Your Kids Their Best Financial Future' and to get access to three free chapters - CLICK HERE.

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