Topic 9: Relationships and Money

By the time they reach adulthood your kids should understand…

  • The importance of making good personal financial choices
  • That when they enter into a lifelong relationship they will need to be a team player who does their best at working cooperatively with their chosen partner
  • The importance of choosing a life partner who is prepared to work as a team member and who makes good financial choices
  • What a healthy financial relationship looks like.
  • The need to talk through financial decisions with the person they choose as a life partner
  • The implications of choosing a life partner who is reckless with money
  • Their need to find ways to live in harmony with a life partner they have fallen in love with who does not always think the way they do when it comes to money
  • How to work as a cooperative team member rather than a manipulating self-centred individual
  • The cost of getting divorced financially and emotionally.

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