Topic 15: Property/Real Estate/Home Ownership

Before they go looking for their first home, your kids should know…

  • The benefits of owning their own home
  • The potential financial difference between renting and buying over 40 years
  • The fact that houses go up in price over time
  • How rising house prices could benefit them
  • How to qualify for a home loan
  • How to apply for a home loan
  • The process of buying a home
  • The costs associated with buying a home
  • The costs associated with owning a home
  • How a home loan (mortgage) works on compound interest
  • What ‘principal’ and ‘interest’ are in relation to loan repayments
  • That they could be a property investor using property as a tool to earn a living if they are interested in pursuing that as a career
  • Various ways property can be improved, renovated, developed, or subdivided to generate income.

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