Topic 12: Superannuation

By the time your kids reach adulthood they should know…

  • What a Super Fund is
  • The purpose of a Super Fund
  • That they will have a Super Fund when they start work
  • Their employer will be depositing money over and above their ‘take-home’ pay into their Super Fund each time they get paid
  • The government wants their Super Fund to grow quickly so it is taxed at a lower rate than they are personally
  • The money in their Super Fund is (generally) ‘locked in’ until retirement age
  • There are heaps of different funds with different investment strategies and they all get different results. Some earn more for their members and other earn less
  • They can choose who they will have their super account with
  • All Super Funds charge fees to manage and invest the money to make it grow

Most Super Funds include Life Insurance for the members and the premiums are deducted from the money in the fund.

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